राह में आये जो दीन दुखी |

सबको गले से लगते चलो ||

ज्योत से ज्योत जलाते चलो |

प्रेम की गंगा बहते चलो ||

These lines, written by Bharat Vyas, are form the movie “Sant Gyaneshwar (1965)”. I guess many of you would have listened to the song and so have our volunteers. Not only have they loved the song, they always wanted to live the song. Finally, on the last Diwali, they applied their Gyana (knowledge), Kriya (skills) and Bala (Strength) to make, not only this song, but their vision a reality.

Samrastra Gurukulam in Chinchwad (Pune) is not only a home from more than 300 children but a center of creating a homeless child to a responsible citizen. Don’t imagine these kids to be orphans, their parents are still alive. But the parents are engaged in theft or burglary, so the kids are taken out of that background. All the kids are groomed in certain art like carpentry, fine arts or simple engineering, so that they can upgrade their livelihood using the art. And the man behind this is Sri Girish Prabhune. This man have blended his love for social work and devoted himself to build character in children through education. We should salute this man and come forward to help him in creating “responsible citizen out of homeless child”.

Y4Dian came forward and initiated an event “CELEBRATE DIWALI FOR A CAUSE” on Nov 1st, 2015. Our motive was to gather some funds for the gurukul and to spread and highlight this small self-governed house of 300+ children in our society. First of all, you should know about the event. Event was about decorating diyas and these decorated diyas were sold across the corporate offices. The collected amount was donated to the Gurukulam. We bought 600 diyas, paints, brushes and other materials a week before the Diwali week. We decorated some 50 diyas the night before the events to create sample piece for the kids. A weekend before the Diwali we visited Gurukulam and had a Deepak decorating competition among the kids. Kids were already talented in paintings; we had to just enhance their work. Our members taught the kids about team work and the assembly line production. In about 3 hours 30 kids decorated all the remaining 550 diyas and that too with perfection. We brought these prepared diyas back too home but were still not sure of selling all the diyas. But the next Monday for first slot 5 members took 50 diyas each to their corporate offices. We shared our ideas and put the diyas on sale. We had great responses from the company employees and we started getting requests for more diyas and in two days we sold all the diyas at price ranging from ₹30 to₹60. We collected an amount of ₹11670 and donated the amount on the very eve of Diwali. This amount had served the kids for one month of study expenses. Not only this when we shared the pictures on facebook, many people came to know about the gurukul and also about Girish Ji. After this event the Gurukul was served by some more professionals who saw our posts.

Earlier I have mentioned three terms: Gyana (knowledge), Kriya (skills) and Bala (Strength). We will see now, how Y4dian implemented these three things.

GYANA: Y4dians firstly got ready with a full plan of implementation. They applied their mind in marketing skills and came with an idea of making a ₹ 1 Diya to cost ₹40. Identified skills in the kids of Gurukul to be used and studied the feasibility of the events.

KRIYA: All the members enhanced their skills in painting the diyas, so they can help the kids in doing the same. They brought their skills of sales and marketing on the ground and sold the prepared diyas upto ₹ 60.

Bala: All the members actively provided their physical help in all way to make this event successful. Some members were dedicated for buying raw materials from the vendors. Some members had shown dedication in transportation. Our women powers have decorated sample diyas working late nights.

Finally, on the occasion of Diwali, Y4Dian and all of them who bought the diyas were able to bring smiles on the face of 300+ kids. A smile on the face of a kid can bring a motivation of better life ahead for these children.




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